Thursday, November 12, 2020

Email Today

 It's nice to be recognized for what you love doing.

Today I got an Email/Ad from Incra / Incremental,

the people who make the "Magic" jigs I use. I've

been in their galley for years. Well they put some

of my work at the top of the ad with a link to

their Gallery. Here it is:

Incra Gallery


Sunday, September 27, 2020

Down Sizing Shops VIII


Well, it's been a long haul, but I'm close to finished. This is about what the Shed/Shop looks like today. What I've done since the last post: insulated, placed OSB (not drywall) as wall board, painted that wall board, shelving in back, overhead cabinets, electrical, and brought some tools over from the old shop.

This space is much smaller then the original shop space. This new shop is about 25% the size of the old shop. SO, wise tool choice is a must. I'm still in that process, but getting there. I've turned some tools into bench top. Where I had a large and small tool (like the lathe pictured) I went with the smaller. In a couple cases (table saw was one) I had to replace with smaller or portable to use outside.

I'll keep you posted ....... Odie
P.S. I forgot, the web site is down for now. That might be permanently, but not sure at this time. It will be with a new host if it comes back. This blog will stay. If you would like to contact us leave a comment. 



Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Down Sizing Shops VII

YEA! The outside is 100% done now.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Down Sizing Shops VI

Well the doors are on. They still need paint and a slight tweak to level one. These doors are a bit different and quite a curiosity for the neighborhood. These are sliding doors, but not hanging from the top. There are wheels at the bottom because they are very heavy. I did this on my woodshed about 20 years ago and it works great.

The shop is now secured and ready for indoor work to be done.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Down Sizing Shops V

Not A lot to report except I did get the exterior painting done. I still need to get that door started and finished. It will be made up of two sliding doors. Today I got most of the hardware to get it done.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Down Sizing Shops IV

Well the roof was finished around 9:30 on Friday. Then it was on to putting primer on this beast. I only got partly done by 3:30 and was too pooped to continue. I have one side, the entrance side, to finish.

I finished today by getting the yard cleaned up and getting all of my crap that's been waiting for their new home, such as the snow blower into the shed.

Here's photos of the metal roof panels and the Shed / Shop before I started painting:

Monday, September 23, 2019

Down Sizing Shops III

Last Friday I had some help from my son Tom
and my friend Jim. WE had the trusses up by
around 1:00. Jim had to leave at that point, so
Tom and I put the sheathing up and then water
membrane known as "Bitchathane". Today
I pick up the metal roof and hope to have it
up by Friday. I still have a little work to
finish before the metal goes up.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Down Sizing Shops II

I have been working on the new shop for awhile now.
That exterior walls are up, and the back one is completely
finished, including paint, because it's so close to the

The walls are just about 8 feet tall, so I decided to
use a truss design. I made the trusses myself, finishing
them yesterday. I wanted to get them on top of the
walls today, but we had our first snow storm today.
So the shop is all trapped up waiting for good weather,
hopefully that is tomorrow.

I have many photos to follow: 

 Here is my miter saw station where all angles and lengths are cut.

 Here is a look at the finished floor.

 Finished floor again.

 Here is that first wall. It was painted before being raised.

 Same wall again.

 Three walls standing.

 That nail gun was a GREAT investment. At 72 I couldn't imagine pounding 3 or 4 thousand nails by hand.

 Long wall away from the house.

 That back wall sticks up like that so I have a place to attach
my trusses. Had to really scratch the old head on that one.

 Here's the inside after my friend and I made her rain proof.

 Another of the same.

 Traps on top to keep her dry.

 Another Trap View.

 Traps Galore.

 The last wall finished. It's a 40" doorway that will have two sliders.

 Here is the first truss that the other 12 were copied from

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Down Sizing Shops

I've been tearing down the old shed and building a new one in its place. This will be the new shop. It will be 8' x 15' rather than the 20' x 24' garage I was used to.

The shed I'm replacing (last three photos) was only 8' x 10'. It's being downsized and becoming a chicken coup at my son's house.

Oh, as comes with age, I've turned my knee again and production has slowed a bit.

Old Shop:

The Old Shed: