Monday, November 1, 2010


YUP another Double-Double Dovetail Jewelry Box … 
Purple Heart and Maple

I make a lot of jewelry boxes with the main wood Maple 
and the trim Purple Heart. One is in the main signature 
photo on our web site. One day while pondering a 
Red Heart and Wenge box, I asked the little woman what 
she thought of a Purple Heart body and Maple trim. 
She said, “Dude! Go for it!” She almost never calls 
me Dude, so I knew I had to do it.

The inside is also pictured here. I used Maple for the 
tray and dividers. The tray sits on a runner front and 
back. They are, however, glued into the tray. The ladies 
like to pick up the tray by the dividers.