Friday, May 4, 2012

Trouble Maker Bowls

 This bowl pictured above is one of four.
I've been trying to sell them for years. It's
made of mahogany and is about 8 inches
across and 2 inches deep. What I've decided
to do is make a large salad bowl to go with
them. My large bowls are constructed using
a "Tiled Bowl" method. The next few posts
will chronicle this.
I use eight segments (tiles) all cut at 22.5 degrees and
long enough to create the right diameter for the project.
Here they are put onto a piece of masking tape and glue
is applied at both sides of each joint.
 Here I have pulled the taped sections together forming
an eight sided layer. A large hose clamp is applied to
squeeze the sections together.
I sandwich the clamped section between two pieces
of plywood. I then apply clamps to keep the glued
layer as flat as possible.
 Here is a finished layer after I've sanded the
glue squeeze out away. This is done 24 hours
after glue up.
I made this contraption to glue the sections
together with clamping pressure in the center.
The bowl will sit in here for another 24 hours.
Then it will be turned on the lathe. That will
be covered in the next post.