Saturday, November 26, 2011

It Only Took 32 Years

That is one of two garage doors. The doors are
constructed of sheet metal. I finally insulated
the darn things. When you live in an area that
can see over night temperatures as low as -20
degrees, it's down right silly to wait 32 years to
insulate. Oh well, no door shall be insulated
before it's time.

So far it has made a difference close to 10 degrees
warmer in the shop.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Small Ring Boxes Revisited

I'm still learning the ways of the internet. Our web
site gets very little traffic, but this blog is receiving
quite a bit of traffic. I'm changing that with the help
of our new web host. It seems Google doesn't like
the JavaScript that Apple iWeb uses When the
Google Bot comes a crawling. 

So when someone is looking for "Small Ring Boxes"
this blog gets noticed first. It's Google powered you
know. I've gotten a couple of sales from people
finding this blog, then linking to our site via the right

This post is to show a group of Small Ring Boxes.
Click to inbiggen.