Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Look At Pen Making . . .

 This photo shows 5 designer pens, turned and finished.
 This photo shows those pens removed from the pen Mandrels.
There is a pair of blanks, on the right, ready to put onto this
 Here are those blanks mounted on that mandrel.
 Here it is mounted on my mini-lathe. About 15 years ago the
little woman thought it would be nice if I turned pens. I told her
I didn't want to. I was doing enough building boxes at the time.
This was given to me, for my birthday, shortly after. Don't tell
her, but she was right. 
 Here are three pens assembled. The clamps are holding the
decorative rings in place while epoxy glue dries.
 Here's what they looked like before the last photo.
This is the devise I made to compress the pen pieces into the
brass tubes that are glued into the pen blanks. OK, let's get
out there and make some pens.