Monday, August 24, 2009

Great Show At Tahoe City, California

Hi All, What a great place for an Arts and Crafts Show. We were right on the water in Tahoe City which is on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. This was supposed to be one of our Homewood shows, but it had to be moved at the last minute. The new owner of Homewood couldn't see himself having a successful paying event. So at the last minute our promoter found out Homewood was a no-go. The people of Tahoe City found this out and grabbed on to us. They've wanted and arts and craft show of their own for 20 years ... since they had their last one. Our promoter is known to be one of the best in country, so Tahoe City got the best of both worlds.

They rewarded us (Sue and I) by giving us our best show this year ... gross sales wise. Sunday set a new sales record high for one day in the history of Dust'n Lint. THANK YOU TAHOE CITY!

That's our booth straight ahead with lake in the background.

This another view of our booth.
And again with Lake Tahoe in the background.
Here's a glass artist with the little harbor in the background.
Looking up the hill towards our booth.
We were at the Boatworks Mall. Looking down at the show.
Another view looking down at the show from the Boatworks Mall

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Great Shows (all the time) Would Be Boring OR ....

A fellow artist sent these to us. They are photos of our booth at the Summit Mall in Reno. Notice two things ... those giant blue barrels (55 gallon drums) and the lack of people. The blue barrels were loaned to us by the Summit Mall. This should have been our first clue this was to be an exciting show. Those blue drums were full of water and each weighing 440 pounds. I travel to these shows with four 40 pound buckets of concrete of my own. That put the weights for our booth at 1040 pounds total for this weekend. Every pound was needed the first two days ... damn that's a windy place.

Sue and I learned many years ago that you don't do arts and crafts shows in Reno. This show was supposed to take place in Homewood at Lake Tahoe, but it had to be moved at the last minute. We should have pulled out, but we thought we would give Reno another chance. The people of Reno are not art buyers. In 7 years, this was our worst show ever ... Oh Well !

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


What can it hoit ?

I found this when I was a member
of North Tahoe Arts. It needs to be
used once in awhile.