Tuesday, June 28, 2011

As Promised ... Finished Small Ring Box

Well I started with 80 of these little guys, but the handwriting
was on the wall. If I was to try and finish them all they wouldn't
be done by the first show which was last weekend. A few days
before crunch time, I was able finish 20 of the 80, and to the
first show in Kings Beach they went.
 Here's the 60 that weren't finished
 Here are the 20 that were finished
Here's a close-up of the finished Small Ring Box
Zebra Wood in the middle and Purple Heart on the sides.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Band Saw Update . . . .

Well we left off with me explaining how after all
of the fan fare I realized there were two sizes for
this saw. The saw in the previous post had a
cutting capacity of only 3 5/8" (from the table to
the guides above). It seems I was looking at one
and the store owner and I were ordering the other.
The one I wanted had a 4 5/8" cutting capacity.

After reordering the right size and installing the
table (yes Christopher) on the new one, it's time
to go to work. Pictured below is the saw. Also
below is a teeny, tiny box I make. This is what
I had in mind when I bought the saw.
The new band saw above, and below
the smallest box I make . . . "The Small Ring Box."

This has been rough sanded. Next is to final sand to 400 grit
and apply the Tung Oil finish. Then it will be waxed 
to a mirror finish. We'll have to show that the next time around.