Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Last Show of the Season

Ah yes, this was the wrap up show of the summer arts and craft show season in the mountains. There were actually three shows in the north end of Lake Tahoe this Labor Day Weekend. There were also three at the south end of the lake I believe. At the north end we had Kings Beach, Northstar, and Downtown Truckee, which is where we were.

The show was an average recession show for us. At closing on Monday at 5:00 PM, you couldn’t wipe the smiles off of Sue’s and my faces. Now it’s time to build our inventories.

Enjoy the shots of beautiful Downtown Truckee ...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Day In The Life Of A Divider II

We left off putting the strips for the dividers through the thickness planer. After these strips are milled down to 1/8 inch thick, we’re done. We then move to the table saw where the dividers are cut to length and notched so they fit together.
Pictured here above is table saw and my after market miter gauge on top of it. You can see the blade coming up through the yellow zero clearance insert.  These four dividers have been cut to length and the slots added.
Here are the dividers on the non-skid mat ready for sanding. These are the dividers for the box in the beginning of part one. 
Here are the dividers after sanding and put together. They will not be glued together so they can removed or rearranged. 
The finish has just been applied and the dividers are drying. After they sit over night, they will be ready for installation. I hope this helps you understand the process.