Sunday, March 31, 2013

WOW . . . Had To Put My Foot Down

I can't believe these jerks that pull this crap!
I didn't realize I was allowing Anonymous
on this blog. It just isn't my style. At 
Woodsterman, I haven't allowed it in years
and the spam invasion is at zero. Well, here
it was a bit different. I thought I was getting
a lot more visits according to Site Meter. I
sure was, and they were commenting too.
I just deleted over 500 spam comments all
posted since January 1st.

I'll be more vigilant in the future. If you are
Anonymous you'll not be allowed to comment.
Get yourself an I.D. from google. If you post a
comment 14 days after I posted, it will go to
moderation. Sorry all, we'll see how this goes. 

I have also added me being notified when someone
leaves a comment. I will be answering these
in a much more timely manner.