Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Tahoe City Show of 2013

 This is the view from my booth toward the lake.
This is what you see if you go past the booths.

Two weekends in a row here, so we'll be back
here on Friday. Our next stop is Homewood on
Labor Day Weekend.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Bank For Cruz . . . Part 5

EEK!!! it's a monster .... not really. It's just me with my
protective mask on. Lacquer vapors are very dangerous
to breathe. With this mask on I can't ever smell the lacquer.
 Here's your bank with the bottom off after a couple of
coats of lacquer applied. I take off the bottom because
the lacquer will stick them together and it will be hard
to get the bank opened.
Here's a whole bunch of boxes being lacquered at the
same time you bank is being done.
Here's your finished bank again.
Here's my booth where Grandma and Grandpa picked
up your bank. Enjoy you bank, Cruz.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Bank For Cruz . . . Part 4

When you take those four screws out on the
bottom and turn the bottom over this is what
you'll see. Those two "X's" are there to show you
that those two edges go together when putting
the bottom back on. 
Here are four banks ready to sand. Cruz, can
you pick out your bank? It's the one on the right.
This is what I sand it with. It's called a belt sander.
I will start with an 80 grit which in very course. I will
then use 150 grit, medium, and then 220 grit which is
Here it is after the sanding is done. I've decided to have
a part 5 which will cover the finishing the bank. I will be
brushing lacquer onto your bank.