Monday, November 23, 2009

After the Wood is Milled

I use this little contraption called an Incra Jig
to make the box joint corners. As you can see
I create these joints on two sides of 5 boxes
at the same time. Most methods used can only
make one half of one corner at a time. Using
this method, I can do 10 half corners at a time.
Time is money .... it helps keep my prices

Three passes of the sides have been completed here.
The cuts are made when the sides pushed at that
green router bit. The whole thing rides on the fence
to the left. The fence is ready to be moved again
for the next cut.

Here is another view of the same process
as in the photo above.

Here are all of the sides of 4 banks.

Here are the four sides glued together. They
are left a little long on purpose. When all
six sides are put together, they will be
sanded smooth.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Milling The Wood For Banks

So many of my boxes, and in this case banks,
require 3/8" and 1/4" thick stock. I could
buy these dimensioned woods at a very high
price, or mill them to size myself. To keep my
costs down, I do it myself.

The wood I start with is called, in the trade,
4/4 (pronounced four quarter) or 1 inch before
it's milled down to 13/16". If I'm careful, I can
get two pieces out of this. 1 at 3/8" (plus 1/16")
and 1 at 1/4" (plus 1/16"). The band saw blade
eats up 1/16" also. Add them all up and you
get 13/16". I then put them through a planner
to get the final thickness.

This is the band saw with the dust collection behind.

This piece is about 2/3 the way through the band saw.

This is called resawing.

This is the thickness planner with the dust collector.

Thickness planner with a piece going into the feed end.