Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Show of the Year . . . Lake Tahoe

Well, here we are again at our first show of the year.
We start the season at Kings Beach (Lake Tahoe, North
Shore) every year. 

We set up the booth a little differently here because there's
a foot drop-off the last two feet in the back of our booth. We
put Sue's quilt racks across the back of the booth so we don't
lose any little old ladies to the abyss gods.
Here's the view of the lake taken 100 feet from our booth.

I'll try to post more tomorrow. Starting on the 4th of July,
we'll be on the West Shore at Homewood for a four day
show. That's on our 2013 Schedule at our web site.

* Coming very soon, a series on how I make a wooden
bank. I'm posting it so the boy it is made for can enjoy
how his bank was made. I might even try a video
version of it also.