Monday, September 16, 2019

Down Sizing Shops II

I have been working on the new shop for awhile now.
That exterior walls are up, and the back one is completely
finished, including paint, because it's so close to the

The walls are just about 8 feet tall, so I decided to
use a truss design. I made the trusses myself, finishing
them yesterday. I wanted to get them on top of the
walls today, but we had our first snow storm today.
So the shop is all trapped up waiting for good weather,
hopefully that is tomorrow.

I have many photos to follow: 

 Here is my miter saw station where all angles and lengths are cut.

 Here is a look at the finished floor.

 Finished floor again.

 Here is that first wall. It was painted before being raised.

 Same wall again.

 Three walls standing.

 That nail gun was a GREAT investment. At 72 I couldn't imagine pounding 3 or 4 thousand nails by hand.

 Long wall away from the house.

 That back wall sticks up like that so I have a place to attach
my trusses. Had to really scratch the old head on that one.

 Here's the inside after my friend and I made her rain proof.

 Another of the same.

 Traps on top to keep her dry.

 Another Trap View.

 Traps Galore.

 The last wall finished. It's a 40" doorway that will have two sliders.

 Here is the first truss that the other 12 were copied from


Brig said...

Look'n pretty darn good. Is there a pitch requirement because of snow?

Dust'n Lint said...

Brig, not at all that I've been told. Mine will be a 2:12 but with a metal roof. Everything should be AOK!