Sunday, September 27, 2020

Down Sizing Shops VIII


Well, it's been a long haul, but I'm close to finished. This is about what the Shed/Shop looks like today. What I've done since the last post: insulated, placed OSB (not drywall) as wall board, painted that wall board, shelving in back, overhead cabinets, electrical, and brought some tools over from the old shop.

This space is much smaller then the original shop space. This new shop is about 25% the size of the old shop. SO, wise tool choice is a must. I'm still in that process, but getting there. I've turned some tools into bench top. Where I had a large and small tool (like the lathe pictured) I went with the smaller. In a couple cases (table saw was one) I had to replace with smaller or portable to use outside.

I'll keep you posted ....... Odie
P.S. I forgot, the web site is down for now. That might be permanently, but not sure at this time. It will be with a new host if it comes back. This blog will stay. If you would like to contact us leave a comment. 



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