Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Day In The Life Of A Divider

I’m going to do my best to show you how I make the dividers for my jewelry boxes. It took me years to develop the method and finished product you’ll see here. The photograph above is a finished Medium Striped Lid Jewelry Box with the dividers installed. Below will be the construction process.
This tool is a Jointer and in most woodworking shops a project starts here. This tool creates a straight edge that is 90 degrees to the sides. When I make dividers I will prepare both edges.
I then cut a 3/16” wide strip on the band saw with the jointed edge against the rip fence. The black object is a feather board. It’s used to keep the wood tight against the rip fence.
Here are a bunch of strips after the band saw process.
This tool is a planer and it’s used to take the pieces down to 1/8” thick. It gives me a smooth face parallel to the edge that was created on the jointer. The rest of this process will be completed in the next post.