Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Quilt For Our New Grandson

Meet Dresden, our brand new Grandson. He's about
6 hours old in this photo. He was born Thursday
morning, October 18th.

While we were in the waiting room, Grandma (Lint) was
finishing up his brand new quilt. He and his quilt
were delivered just minutes apart. Timing is everything.

This is a wonderful time for Dust'n Lint

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trouble Maker Bowls III

 Almost finished inside. The bottom needs to be rounded
inside. Then it will be sanded and finish will be applied.
 Here is the finished bowl.
It's shown here with one of the four bowls it's
meant to go with.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Trouble Maker Bowls II

 Well, here's that beast ready for turning. It's mounted
on the lathe after the glue has dried. Now the fun begins.
 I say fun because the bowl gauge makes a lot of noise
as it rounds out all of those corners.
 This is pretty much the final shape above. It semi-mimics
the shape of the "Trouble Maker Bowls".
 I will now get rid of the "Tail Stock" so I can turn the inside.
The tail stock is that gray piece on the right. It with the help
of a piece of wood inside the bowl, keep everything steady
while turning the outside. There will be no such help for
turning the inside of the bowl.
The inside turning is no less noisy than turning the
outside of the bowl. I take it slow and careful because
those corners can be unforgiving. A sharp tool and a
steady hand are required.
Here's a straight on shot. Next time I'll show
you the finished project.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Trouble Maker Bowls

 This bowl pictured above is one of four.
I've been trying to sell them for years. It's
made of mahogany and is about 8 inches
across and 2 inches deep. What I've decided
to do is make a large salad bowl to go with
them. My large bowls are constructed using
a "Tiled Bowl" method. The next few posts
will chronicle this.
I use eight segments (tiles) all cut at 22.5 degrees and
long enough to create the right diameter for the project.
Here they are put onto a piece of masking tape and glue
is applied at both sides of each joint.
 Here I have pulled the taped sections together forming
an eight sided layer. A large hose clamp is applied to
squeeze the sections together.
I sandwich the clamped section between two pieces
of plywood. I then apply clamps to keep the glued
layer as flat as possible.
 Here is a finished layer after I've sanded the
glue squeeze out away. This is done 24 hours
after glue up.
I made this contraption to glue the sections
together with clamping pressure in the center.
The bowl will sit in here for another 24 hours.
Then it will be turned on the lathe. That will
be covered in the next post.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tails of a Purse For a Friend

 A fellow blogger has requested a custom purse from Sue.
Here is the on hand fabric chosen ... Nice Kitteh!
Sue (Lint) needed to enlarge the pattern from her
standard size pattern. It is shown here placed on the
fabric ready to be cut out.
 Here are the pieces cut out with matching fill.
 The basic shell is pictured here. The liner, straps, and trim
will be added next.
 Here it is finished (above and below).

Friday, March 30, 2012

Special Box For A Friend IV

Here is the box being dry fitted before final glue up.
This is the glue up with the box upside down.
The top is in place with the bottom open where
it will be screwed on later. This is to enable the
bottom to be removed so the contents can be
taken out.
              Here it is glued up and sanded. The slot is in the
front so Wedding Gift Cards can be put in. My
friend has decided to put the finish, so my work
is done.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Special Box For A Friend III

Here I'm milling the sides to accept the top.
Another shot of the same process.
Here the top is being milled to attach to the sides.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Special Box For A Friend II

Here we are back from Mastercraft. The wood has been
milled to thickness. The large piece on the bottom is
for the top and bottom of the box. The thickness of that
piece is 1/2 inch. The smaller pieces are for the sides,
and are milled down to 3/4 inch thick.
Here I'm using my secret weapon, the Incra Jig.
I'm putting the dovetails in one end of the front
and back pieces.
Here I have dry fitted the four sides. I'll take
them apart and mill further to accept the top
and bottom. 

See you next time . . .

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Special Box For A Friend

As all my projects begin, this one to will begin
at the wood store. This is one of my favorite places
in the world. This wood store is called Mastercraft
and it's located in Reno. This also gave me a chance
to use my panorama photo app on my iPhone. 

 Panorama shot from the entrance looking back. To the right, back is a wall. Behind that wall is the warehouse that is four
times larger than this showroom, and it's full of wood. 
 That tall wood is in my favorite section - the Exotics
Here is a shot from the back of the showroom looking
to the front. Next time we'll start the box construction.