Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fellow Artist's Display Finished

Well "THE" Special project is over. 
My fellow artist loved it. He picked 
 it up around the 1st of July. 
Here's a photo of it finished.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Fellow Artist's Display Getting There . . .

It's been a tough year for producing. Lots going on around
the old homestead. About the only real work going on 
right now for me is another special order for my artist friend. 
Sue is working like crazy on her quilts. Below is a photo of 
the "Almost" finished project. He will be hanging his pen and 
ink art framed on this. It breaks down into three 
sections 70"x32"x3" that he can throw into his car.

Monday, April 13, 2015

All Projects Begin Here ...

Well it must be spring time. I have to get to work.

As all my projects begin, this one to will begin
at the wood store. This is one of my favorite places
in the world. This wood store is called Mastercraft
and it's located in Reno. This also gave me a chance
to use my panorama photo app on my iPhone. Click on
then to embiggin ...

The first photo: Panorama shot from the entrance 
looking back. To the right, back is a wall. Behind 
that wall is the warehouse that is four times larger 
than this showroom, and it's full of wood.

The second photo: That tall wood is in my 
favorite section - the Exotics

The third photo: Is a shot from the back of the 
showroom looking to the front.

Next time I'll have to show what's going 
on in the shop.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Stuart's Custom Box

This box was a custom order for a fellow artist. 
He does pen and ink drawings and makes business 
cards using miniatures of his art. That's what all of 
the compartments are for. He's in China at the 
moment, so I was able to text him photos. I was 
texting him back and forth and it was like he was 
next door and not 12,000 miles away.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Inventory Woes Being Corrected

Wow that can really gets around. These are an 
Extra Large Ring Box and a Large Ring Box ... 
Fancy names, huh. Where did the wood for the 
Large Ring Box come from? I'll bet you can guess.

These are of Maple and Purple Heart. I finished
12 Extra Large Ring Boxes and 37 Large Ring Boxes.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Follow Up On Never Enough Clamps

 We left off with never having enough clamps. 
Above is when all those boxes come out of
those clamps. As you can see, I never make one
box at a time. If you look at these boxes above, the joinery
is "Proud" of all the edges. This is done intentionally
as I sand everything smooth for a much better affect.
 Someone asked if I could put something in the photo
that would enable the viewer some perspective as to
the size of the boxes. The larger boxes are "Knick Knack
Boxes", and the smaller are "Party Favor Boxes". They've
been sanded smooth and I'll round over all the edges, hand
sand, and then open them up on the band saw.
Here they are all cut open, finished, and the
hinges put into place.
Oops, I forgot I didn't post too many clamps here. That was at
Facebook instead. I really need to link these to guys together.
Below is the photo.
See you next time. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Next project ~ Stripe Lid Jewelry Boxes

Here are the six Stripe Lid Jewelry Boxes started in 
the previous post. They've all been sanded are ready
to cut open.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Getting Ready For The Summer Show Season.

We are racing around here trying to get ready for our
first show on the 4th of July weekend. We got so far
behind, so now it's work, work, work!
 Here are Stripe Lid Boxes drying after Danish Oil
has been applied. Can you see why I call them 
Stripe Lid Boxes?
With the Stripe Lid Boxes in the background I have
the next project milled, cut, and stacked in the foreground.
Closest to us are the four sides of six different boxes.
To there left are the lid panels waiting to be cut to size.
These new boxes will be the larger cousins to the
Stripe Lid Boxes. These are called Stripe Lid Jewelry
Boxes ... go figure.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

I Met "The Man" of Segmented Turning

 His name is Malcolm Tibbetts and he is known
as one of the worlds foremost segmented turners.
As I do shows and my woodworking at the
North end of Lake Tahoe, Malcolm creates his
art on the South end of Lake Tahoe. People come
into my booth and ask if I know Malcolm, and
I always had to answer no. Well now I can say I
know him.

I took a one day class from him in November
down in Reno. What a great way to spend a day.
I haven't had a chance to practice what I've learned.
I have been babysitting my grandson quite a bit
instead of working in the shop. 

All of these photos are of Malcolm's work.  
 Large 24" vessel
 Tube Sculpture about 24" wide
 Tube sculpture about 30" high

This is the base for a glass topped coffee table.
It is made of 4 bottomless bowls cut top to bottom
in half and put together again after twisting them
180 degrees. 

Malcolm's Web Site:

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Road Trip To One Of My Favorite Places

 The Woodworking Show at the Sacramento Cal Expo ... YAY!
 This where I get to see all of the latest tools and gadgets.
 So, I got to spend the night and hit Cal Expo a couple of times.
I spent very little (for me). $250.00 wasn't too bad.
The best thing I did while I was there was to attend
a how to "Tune-up" a band saw class. I've been doing
it wrong for 30 years. I bought some new blades and
band saw gadgets and I just tuned the big saw up
yesterday. WOW, it's a new saw.
 This is the "Big Band Saw". Tough to tell
in the photo, but this beast stands 7 feet tall.

I'm rebuilding our web site (not this blog,
 but so stay tuned
and I'll keep you posted. It's about 2/3 done,
and moving along. I do all the work myself,
so it's slow but it's done my way. Additions
and changes down the road are so easy that
it makes it very worth while.