Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Trouble Maker Bowls II

 Well, here's that beast ready for turning. It's mounted
on the lathe after the glue has dried. Now the fun begins.
 I say fun because the bowl gauge makes a lot of noise
as it rounds out all of those corners.
 This is pretty much the final shape above. It semi-mimics
the shape of the "Trouble Maker Bowls".
 I will now get rid of the "Tail Stock" so I can turn the inside.
The tail stock is that gray piece on the right. It with the help
of a piece of wood inside the bowl, keep everything steady
while turning the outside. There will be no such help for
turning the inside of the bowl.
The inside turning is no less noisy than turning the
outside of the bowl. I take it slow and careful because
those corners can be unforgiving. A sharp tool and a
steady hand are required.
Here's a straight on shot. Next time I'll show
you the finished project.


Julie Baugh said...

I love the "bricks" sort of effect on the outside of that bowl. It will look beautiful when it's finished. Hope you can sell this and the other bowls.

Dust'n Lint said...

Julie, Posting the finished bowl shortly. At this point it hasn't sold as yet.

brian Halpern said...

What would you have to put a scale of difficulty on this 1 being very easy and 10 being an very difficult project? Please let me know im looking to make a trouble maker bowl.

Dust'n Lint said...

Brian, Sorry for the delay. If you have the right tools it's not too bad. Your angles have to be PERFECT at 22.5 degrees. You have to use plenty of glue on EVERY surface. Use Titebond III (waterproof) glue and always keep everything clapped at least 24 hours. And lastly, turn it slowly and don't force it.

Do these things and it's a 5 ... don't and it'll be a 10.