Thursday, July 10, 2014

Follow Up On Never Enough Clamps

 We left off with never having enough clamps. 
Above is when all those boxes come out of
those clamps. As you can see, I never make one
box at a time. If you look at these boxes above, the joinery
is "Proud" of all the edges. This is done intentionally
as I sand everything smooth for a much better affect.
 Someone asked if I could put something in the photo
that would enable the viewer some perspective as to
the size of the boxes. The larger boxes are "Knick Knack
Boxes", and the smaller are "Party Favor Boxes". They've
been sanded smooth and I'll round over all the edges, hand
sand, and then open them up on the band saw.
Here they are all cut open, finished, and the
hinges put into place.
Oops, I forgot I didn't post too many clamps here. That was at
Facebook instead. I really need to link these to guys together.
Below is the photo.
See you next time. 

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