Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Bank For Cruz . . . Part 3

 After the side glue up has dried, it's time to glue
a couple of small pieces of pine to accept the screws
that hold on the bottom.
Back at the beginning, I'm cutting the pine strips
on the table saw.
 Here's what the strips look like before they're glued in place.
 After the pine strips are glued in, it's time to glue on the top.
Still with me Cruz? The glued top has now dried and it's
time to attach the bottom. I drill holes through the bottom
into the pine strips. I then attach the bottom with screws.

Do you see how all of the fingers and top and bottom edges
are "proud" of the sides? This means they stick out just a
little bit. This is so when I final sand everything will be flush
and pleasing to the eye.

More Parts to come.


trailbee said...

Forgive me, Odie, for not commenting sooner. We spent the 22nd through the 25th in LA, delivering the goodies, and I just haven't been in the computers.
Many, many thanks for making the bank. It was a huge hit. It sits on top of the post of his bed! Dust'n Lint Parts 1, 2 and 3 are in an email which can be opened easily by his older brothers so he can see the photos and read the narrative. :)
BIG HIT! Thank you so much. trailbee

Dust'n Lint said...

Well my lady, I believe #4 is on the way. I think it will be the final. I'm also toying with the thought of making a Cruz Bank video. No promises but I'll give it my all. Glad the little guy liked it.

trailbee said...

Even if you don't, thank you so much. It's been a very difficult summer for these kids, on top of just handling the Aspergers. Their dad got laid off, found another job, took a downgrade in income - little or no summer stuff for squirmy, healthy, active kids. They are trying to come to grips with Cruz' problem, thinking it will just go away. The bank project was truly appreciated, especially the personal touch. :)

Dust'n Lint said...

Trailbee, my pleasure ... now it's on to part four. Looking at it there could be a part 5.