Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Weedpot ~ Day Two

I chased that crack and lost it. I was able to get
to the point where I finished it. So all that is left
to do today shear it of of its base, sign it, and then
wax it.

 A little closer to the final shape.
 And here is the final shape with the stem and foot on the bottom.
 This photo shows the final sanding just before I add finish.
Here it is with the finish applied. I use Tung Oil
on these. It will sit over night and dry in the warm
house. The next day it will be sheared off of the
stem and then signed, buffed, and waxed.


Mr. AOW said...


Mr. AOW fell today. He did not get hurt, but his reading glasses skittered across the floor. Once I got home, it took me an hour to find his eyeglasses.

Anyway, he will be checking the photos after he recovers from today's near disaster. Probably tomorrow.

~ Mrs. AOW

Dust'n Lint said...

Hey Mister, stop reaching when the misses isn't there. I'll be posting the last photo above.