Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy in Snow Country

I haven't forgotten you out there. I've been shoveling
snow almost everyday for about a month. It's gotten
to the point where there is almost no place to put it.

My inventory is going to suffer I'm sure, but I'm
going to do my best for the shows that start at the
end of June. Our Schedule for 2011 is posted at
our web site. Please get over there and take a look.
The address is to the right.

Here's some photos of what I've been up to ...
 Here's the back of the house and deck. The metal roof has no place to slide.
I'm shoveling the snow away from the roof so it can slide.
The edge of the roof is about 12 feet from the ground.
My truck looks dwarfed in the driveway. 
See what I mean by there being no place to put the snow.


Supi said...

I peeked at your scheduled. I hope it warms up for you.

Dust'n Lint said...

Supi, I do too. Good news though ... It's supposed to be sunny all week. They say it will hit 60 degrees on Thursday. I'll believe that when I see it.

Allison said...

It was absolutely beautiful today in my neck of the woods. But I hear that it's going to be short lived. I want SPRING!!!

Dust'n Lint said...

Allison, yup pretty here too. It was supposed to rain yesterday, but it didn't and it almost hit 60 degrees. I'm ready too and the snow is melting quickly.

Lola said...

Aww, good, I'm glad to hear it's warming up for you. :) Snow is such a pleasure to look at, but yeah; walking through it isn't always a ball. :(

Dust'n Lint said...

Lola, and shoveling it is worse yet. The snow is disappearing very quickly ... :D

Lola said...

LOL at the smiley face, and I'm glad the snow is disappearing. <3

Dust'n Lint said...

Lola ... :D :D :D !!!